Game Info

What is HitBox?

HitBox is a high octane, super fast online action game that focuses on responsive movement and satisfying weapon mechanics. It’s approachable art style is simple and unique allowing high framerates and smooth gameplay. Hitbox is the perfect game for picking up and playing casually, or putting together a team and pushing your abilities against competition.

A little bit of history

The game originally started out as a single player game, but after working in the multiplayer we decided our fun ideas for the multiplayer should be given our full attention so we could really make something worthwhile. Over months of meetings and testing we came up with a the distilled and polished gameplay we have now.

We’ve created a system that allows us to test out game mode ideas quickly, as well as potentially supporting modding in the future. We want to use the game as a platform to experiment with new ideas, built on a solid and enjoyable core.


Who Are the Developers?

David Colson (programmer, designer):

I only got into video games when I was about 7 when I got a Nintendo GameBoy. I stayed a Nintendo kid for years while I had a DS, it was then that I heard about “homebrew” DS games. I figured why not try make a game? How hard can it be? I was twelve at this point and discovered it’s really hard.
However my perseverance paid off as I continued to teach myself programming. Once I became proficient enough I started reading books on game design, and this is when I really got into it. I started a company, then called “Peripheral Games”, which at the time was purely an excuse to put my work out in the internet. I think I was really bad at that point.
It’s been years since I tried to make a homebrew game on DS. I’ve learnt so much and working with other people on a game has been what I’ve needed to encourage me to finish a large scale project. A culmination of 8 years of blood sweat and tears has created HitBox, along with Tyler!

Tyler Rogers (artist, designer):

I have always loved video games, and ever since I was a boy I wanted to make a game of my own. As I grew up, I began wanting more out of the games I was playing, no longer satisfied with “just another game”. I wanted something new to play, and it seemed like all that was being released was just re-skinned games from the past, with the exception of indie games. I decided I would take matters into my own hands, and try to make the change I wanted to see in the industry, I got in contact with a few people that I knew had the abilities to do what needed to be done, one of which was David. I realized that he was miles ahead of everyone else and that we shared some of the core ideas behind games, and we began our partnership.
Thanks reading our story, and we hope you enjoy the game as much as we did making it.