The Future

This past month has been busy, exciting, intense, and largely emotion filled. We clearly aren’t going to make our goal at this point, but it’s okay. We want to thank all who have pledged to the project and shown your support by simply talking about it. But now we must decide how to proceed.

We’ve had our first taste of public relations work, something completely new to us. We only want to make games and this has been an eye opening month for us to get out of our comfort zones and try something new. What we’ve found is that PR work is hard. It made us question every decision we’ve made in the last two years. It makes you wonder if you’ve been wasting your time as you question if people are interested in your game at all.

We’re both 18 years old and have a whole life ahead of ourselves. We may be inexperienced at doing this, but what we’ve accomplished we’re incredibly proud of. We’ve put our blood sweat and tears into this, and a chunk of our lives. We will not back down now. We will continue.

We will continue with a new mindset. The mindset that it doesn’t matter if our game isn’t the most original, it doesn’t matter if no one likes it or is even interested in it. What matters is the fact that we’ve done something. We’ve come so far and when we finish it we can say that we’ve done something. We have shown extreme commitment and endurance to stick with something and never give up.

We will proceed under the mindset that this is for us. It is our learning experience that we’ve been on. Programming pales in comparison to what we’ve learnt. Team work, planning, PR, and above all the desire to never give up. These are skills we will bring with us in our future endeavours. We’ve overcome battles of doubt, procrastination, life challenges, financial trouble, and the constant thought that we’re wasting our time.

After this campaign fails we will take a short break to participate in a game jam. The intention is to refresh our creative minds and revive the passion that sometimes weakens. We will return after the game jam ready to finish what we started for our own benefit.

You don’t need to like it, you don’t need to think we’re the best in the world. We aren’t. But this project is us. And we couldn’t be more proud of the simple fact that we’ve come this far.

So thank you for your support, we’d love it if you continued to support us.

For the next few months, we will be back to full development. This means new features and game modes and that means, more updates! We are going to try and be a bit more involved with our website and twitter, really showing you guys progress in the game so you can be a part of this experience with us.

To stay involved in our progress, check our website for updates at or on twitter at

Thanks again for the support and stay tuned for more updates!

David Colson and Tyler Rogers