Multiplayer is just about done, and Akumakon!

What’s David been doing?

It’s been a super busy few months but development continues and we have an important milestone to speak of. The multiplayer systems of HitBox are just nearly complete!

Multiplayer Systems are done

We still need to do some live testing, but all the features are in. This includes the multiplayer services such as the server browser, friends and invites, chat, and other such things. This was one of the pillars of work that are required for a full release. The other two pillars being AI improvements, and the abilities system, which is the last major gameplay system to be finished.

As multiplayer is finished we’re going to be setting up beta testing with steam very soon. This will be exciting as we can give certain people (and press importantly) codes to actually come and play the game before it’s out.

Improved UI

We’ve also been working on polishing and improving the menus in the game, bringing them all to the same level of quality. We rebuilt the pre-match screen allowing you to view players, chat with friends, and change your mind on what class you want to play as. Here’s what it looks like:


In other news our efforts to promote the game have brought us to shows and events, one of which being Akumakon, a really big anime and gaming convention here in Galway, Ireland (home to part of HitBox’s development team). It was a great event and countless people got to play HitBox’s split screen multiplayer. Here’s some photos of the event:

We’ll be keeping you updated with beta testing and the ongoing work on the abilities system. But for now Tyler has some things to talk about.

What’s Tyler been doing?

The last few months have been interesting for me, I have not been able to work on HitBox nearly enough. College is time consuming and difficult, but I plan on overcoming the scheduling so I can work more hours each week on the game. Lately I have been focusing on the business side of things, which doesn’t make for a very interesting update on my end unfortunately. Essentially we just need to make sure the company is legally prepared to sell the game. A few other things I have been up to is adding new game content such as maps, models and effects.
As David has said, we have also been showing our game at a few conventions, which was awesome. For those, we wanted as much of a polished build as possible, so both me and David have been consistently tweaking small values and visuals.

We are nearing the final stretch of development, so we are going to have to improve our social presence as to keep an active community, so expect more content from us on that end.
Thanks for staying in touch with development throughout all of this, we are really excited for you guys to play HitBox, and we are really close to getting there!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to comment on this post and either me or David will get back to you as soon as we see it.

David and Tyler
HitBox Developers