Development Updates

Tyler’s Week: We apologize about missing the last weekly update, the last two weeks have been busy, but more behind the scenes. After taking a few days off, we are both ready to get back into the swing of things. Currently I am focusing on map making, more specifically, creating new and interesting maps. These… Read more »

David’s Week: Hello all! So as per the code management stuff that happened last week the game has been split into two development branches, one is for the demo, and another for the main game. I’ve mostly been working on the demo branch this week, adding minor improvements, and tweaking various numbers. We want the… Read more »

Tyler’s Week: The last week of HitBox has been a big one. As many of you know we released the HitBox Alpha Demo 1.0 build to the public on Friday. If this is news to you, head over to our download page and play it for a while, it’s free! We got a lot of feedback, and… Read more »

Hello all! I have something to say that I thought you might like to hear. The demo is ready. Finally. It will release this Friday (in two days) and you’ll all finally get to play it. So what have we been doing this week? Tyler’s week: This last week has been a busy one. We… Read more »

Hello everyone! In the midst of E3 going on, I want to say thank you for taking the time to check out HitBox. Tyler’s Week The last week has been even more focused on polish for me, I added a lot of sounds, that I will likely show off in a proper video next week(ish)…. Read more »

David’s Week: If there’s anything we’ve done in the new HitBox, it’s polish. We’ve polished it to such a degree the game is playing better than we imagined it would when we moved to Unreal 4. And that makes me extremely happy. This week, I’ve been working on such uninteresting things as the main menu… Read more »

David One of the many benefits of moving to Unreal 4 was easier integration of AI. This is great for many reasons. It allows us to test and balance the game without the help of  a vast array of players, since there is only two of us. But also it allows us to have people… Read more »

Hello again! As David talked about in our last update, we have been working on UI and making the overall experience of that pleasant for the player. David has been handling most of the UI with UE4 while I worked on new maps in anticipation of the playable demo we are trying to release in… Read more »

Note: As a result of being hacked we’ve lost some of our images. We are deeply sorry that you are unable to view most of the images in this post One of the things I really love about making games is the little things. The little thing that no one notices but it makes their… Read more »

New Weapons

Note: As a result of being hacked we’ve lost some of our images. We are deeply sorry that you are unable to view most of the images in this post Development is still moving forward for Boxman, and this week I’ll be showing you some of the more graphical changes made in the game. Basically… Read more »