Dev Update: The HitBox stats and analytics system

Hello all! Work on HitBox over the past two months has been all over the place. We’ve been to several events, we’ve been trying our best to get the networking to work nicely. However today I have some interesting things to show off. The stats and analytics system!

There are two parts to this, an in-game stats system, which shows you all sorts of things about your time playing HitBox, and an online analytics collection system that only we (the devs) can see. The latter is much more powerful and allows us to learn about how you’re playing the game in great detail so we can balance it and find potential issues. It’s not quite ready for me to show off yet though but it’s pretty cool. I’ll do a blog post just to explain how it works (other developers might appreciate this), and show you the data.

The in-game stats system collects data while you play and stores it on the steam cloud. However, you can turn this off and have the data stored locally if you prefer. For each metric we track, we can order it by game modes or classes. To communicate this there’s now a stats screen with a bunch of dynamic bar charts that show you your stats. This is it today, after finally starting to work properly.

HitBox now has stats!

The question you may be wondering is, why bother? Does it help the game at all? This is an excellent question. Stats, when analysed in a useful fashion can provide help in areas that you’re otherwise lacking. So you look at your stats and see you’re dying a lot in a specific game mode. Why is that? Maybe you notice that you do particularly well with a certain class. So you know you need to focus on that class more. Admittedly these stats are limited but you get the idea. We want you to learn about the game and your play style so you can improve for future games.

The other major reason we’ve added stats is that it ties together each session. Without it each game is a disparate experience that you live through. But with stats you’re building a profile, a career in HitBox if you will.  It makes the experience a whole.

Also watching numbers is fun. Maybe that’s just me.

I’ll be back again with a detailed look at our online analytics system, thanks for reading!