The Weekly Update: Class stats and other improvements

Tyler’s Week

This last week was exactly what I planned on it being, I worked on finishing the map sound effects and AI pathfinding. They work pretty well, but have definite room for improvement. These will be continuously updated as time goes on as AI is a cool feature we want to embrace. Currently there is a moderate amount of destruction in the map as well, with exploding cubes and grinders. The map, when final, will be a chaotic blend of shooting, map survival, and confusion. I’m excited for you guys to play it. Let’s see what David was up to this last week!

David’s Week:

Split screen has proved to be a challenging addition to the game, so I decided to take time off from working on that this week and focus on some other minor things to make the game better. Some of these minor things ended up being reasonably complicated mini-projects but nevertheless the game is better for them.

I made some gifs to show off my work, so lets start with a long requested feature from the demo, key rebinding. This ended up being a massively complicated feature requiring code and blueprints to work together, along with complicated UI’s and systems to handle input from the player. The result is this:

You can rebind keys from the pause menu in game as well. Controllers are fully supported as well so you can rebind whatever you want. Control axes (joypads and mouse movement) turned out to be extra difficult so we decided not to allow rebinding those. The likeliness that you ever want to rebind aim axes is pretty low anyway so we think it’s okay.

Next up another minor feature that adds to the game, nametags. These fade into existence only when you aim at a player from within a certain range. They will make sure you know which of your friends you’re shooting. They also pull data from steam provided steam is running so your steam username is shown in game.

Last but not least, one of my favourite new features, statistics are shown about each class when you hover over their buttons in the pre game menu. We think it’ll help people differentiate between the abilities of each class more than otherwise. It also ended up being a complicated UI.

I’ll return to split screen soon since we need that for the upcoming event we’re going to. But for now I think great progress has been made in ensuring the game feels solid and well made.