The Weekly Update: Continued polish for the demo

Hello everyone!

In the midst of E3 going on, I want to say thank you for taking the time to check out HitBox.

Tyler’s Week

The last week has been even more focused on polish for me, I added a lot of sounds, that I will likely show off in a proper video next week(ish). The sounds add quite a bit of depth to the game, and make it feel less like something two guys made, and something you can play all day with friends, or in this case, computers.

In addition to adding sounds, I have been reaching out to musical artists, seeing if they would be interested in showcasing some of their music in the June demo. That progress is not really up to me, but I have high hopes. If you or someone you know wants to submit a track, feel free to post a link on our subreddit, or email us at as we check it daily.

Unfortunately I haven’t been focusing too much on visual stuff, but you guys can expect that by the next week or two, we will be looking at the June demo build.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this, I know it means a lot to both me and David.

See you next Wednesday!

David’s Week:

Ideally I’d like something grand and amazing to show off this week, but I just don’t unfortunately. I’ve been continually polishing the game and preparing it for the demo, which is rather soon now, and we’re perfectly on schedule. We really want the demo to be a solid and highly polished base from which we can expand the game in the coming months in preparation for it’s full release on steam.

Also, as most of you are aware, it’s E3 this week. We’ve been watching a close eye on the events and watching all the conferences. It’s been fun!

I promise I’ll have something to show off next week, but for this week we’ll have to accept game development isn’t always a glamorous and visually interesting process.

See you next week!