The Weekly Update: Multiplayer and a new map

Tyler’s Week

For the last week and a half, I have been working on a new map. It is not yet ready for its public unveiling, but I am able to talk about some map details. The map is called Facility, and it is essentially a destruction factory, it crushes, grinds, and incinerates anything that gets in the way. In the ideal environment, this would be something like waste or old metal, but while you’re battling inside it will kill you without hesitation.
Here is a little teaser of the map!
The main ideas I wanted to put into a map for this was the idea of a more dynamic map, not only in a sense of feeling like its moving, but actually interacting with the player. Another idea I wanted to test was the idea of the map actively trying to kill the players populating it.
As David and I near the addition of functional multiplayer, we are thinking more and more about additional features, abilities, and classes so keep your eyes out for future updates!
Lastly as some of you know, we recently got attention from a large French YouTube gamer Squeezie. Because of this, nearly 60% of all HitBox Begins players are French, so we will be adding multiple languages to the game soon.
Development is not going to get less busy any time soon, so be sure to keep checking in here and on our subreddit at
Thanks again everyone, and we’ll see you next week!

David’s Week

Sometimes programming sucks. Actually, let me change that, most of the time it sucks. But more recently with the networking and multiplayer systems in HitBox, it’s been even worse. I’ve been working on the multiplayer systems, and we’ve come across a perennial issue that we had months ago in old HitBox (UE3). It’s the problem that triggered the discussions that lead us to swap engines, so we don’t take it lightly.

The discovery that this problem had followed us to UE4 caused morale to drop a little. But work has continued, and just yesterday we made some progress on finding a solution. So I feel more persistence and patience will be required, but we can do it. Eventually, with blood, sweat and tears.

If all goes well, by this time next week I will be able to say we’ve solved it and multiplayer is working. I hope, for my sanity.