The Weekly Update: Polishing HitBox

David’s Week:

If there’s anything we’ve done in the new HitBox, it’s polish. We’ve polished it to such a degree the game is playing better than we imagined it would when we moved to Unreal 4. And that makes me extremely happy.

This week, I’ve been working on such uninteresting things as the main menu and settings menu, but even that we’ve put little touches here and there, made subtle movements in the UI in the effort to make it feel responsive.

The past couple of days I brought that responsive feeling to the actual game. Adding things like an animated weapon reticule, and improvements to the HUD, and various little things here and there which make that game feel so much more reactive to your actions. Whatever you do, the game will have some response, subtle or not. And it works very well with the type of game we’re making, fast, quick, reaction based. The UI and the gameplay mirror that fast responsive feeling really well.

Everything just feels nice. For example, just today I made this cool weapon reticule that animates as you fire your gun. Check it out:

Anyway, it’s only a few weeks till the demo is ready, let’s hear what Tyler’s been up to this week.

Tyler’s Week:

This week on HitBox, I was finally able to focus on polishing the game a bit more. I worked on polishing up weapon recoil, and the respective camera animations for each class. I also adjusted weapon impact force, damage, accuracy and firing speed. Here’s a few GIFs of each class as of now, keep in mind this is not final in any way.

Not all of this is complete, but the game is feeling far more polished than it was just a few days ago. In addition to this, I have been cleaning up the map in anticipation of the demo, I want to make sure AI navigation is working smooth, and that the spawns are fair.

A big thing I want to be working on in the future is sound implementation, as right now I cannot get .MP3 or .WAV files to import correctly. This will likely get fixed with the new 4.8 update, along with a lot of UI and game mode work. Another cool thing I made was the main menu scene, it was made to get the player get amped up to play HitBox and it works rather well.

Anyway, that’s all for me this week. The next few weeks will be a lot of polish and preparation for the June demo. With the deadline approaching, we can say that we aren’t going to let up, and we are going to stay on schedule. Please check out our Subreddit at /r/playHitBox to make sure you grab a free copy!

As always, thanks for the support!