The Weekly Update: Split Screen Support

David’s Week:

I’ve spent this week working on split screen. It’s a feature I’m really excited about since not many games support split screen these days. HitBox is great when played with friends so we knew we wanted split screen support. We’re making sure it’s supported on PC’s, but we also intend to release HitBox on consoles at some stage, and that’s were it’ll really shine. We’re doing it now because we have some events coming up and it’s great for showing off the game at an expo.

Unreal unfortunately hasn’t made the process particularly easy however, it’s required a bunch of work and some engine modifications to get it working how we want it to. It’s doing well though. I got all the controllers I could and set them so I could test all by myself. It’s awkward but it works:

Tyler’s been working on some cool stuff this week, go see what he did!


Tyler’s Week:

This past week on HitBox has been a lot of map refinement for me. I began including physics elements, destruction, new materials, and more. I am nearing completion of the map Facility, and I can say that I am quite pleased with the results so far. After a visual and audio pass, I will finish up spawns and the AI navigation system and the map will be complete. I am really excited to see the chaos of this map played in multiplayer. Next week I’ll hopefully have a virtual tour of the completed map, along with some new additional work.

Another thing me and David have been talking about is doing developer live streaming. During these you guys can interact with us, ask questions, and learn about game development! I will be trying to do one in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sure to promote it to you guys.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read the development updates, see you next week!