The Weekly Update: We’re Back!

Tyler’s Week:

We apologize about missing the last weekly update, the last two weeks have been busy, but more behind the scenes. After taking a few days off, we are both ready to get back into the swing of things. Currently I am focusing on map making, more specifically, creating new and interesting maps. These include maps with level destruction, events, and a few other things that I want to surprise you guys with.

After our recent bit of attention from the French YouTube channel Squeezie, we want to keep the momentum generated and really push the development of the game. It is likely that we do not release another single player demo, but we are in the process of adding multiplayer through Steamworks, and that means there is a multiplayer Beta on the horizon.

There is no set time for any of this, and over the next few meetings, me and David will figure out what tasks need to be focused on, and how long we can expect them to take.

The next few updates are going to get pretty exciting so we hope you stay up to date with everything HitBox!

See you next week,


David’s Week:

Since returning to work from our short break I was quite shocked to see we’d been featured on Squeezie’s channel on Youtube. I think it currently has about 1.7 million views. Which is rather a lot. It’s certainly the most attention we’ve received, well, ever. So lots of people are downloading the game! It’s great.

With regards to the actual game I’ve gone straight into work with the networking systems. I’d love it if I had screenshots and cool gifs of things I’ve done. But it’s all behind the scenes networking stuff. It’s not exciting. But it’s required for multiplayer to work. Multiplayer is our next milestone after the demo. I can’t wait for you all to play with each other!

I’ll try do something more interesting next week to show off!