The Weekly Update: What happens after the demo?

Tyler’s Week:

The last week of HitBox has been a big one. As many of you know we released the HitBox Alpha Demo 1.0 build to the public on Friday. If this is news to you, head over to our download page and play it for a while, it’s free! We got a lot of feedback, and learned a TON about marketing, releases, deadlines and features. We got a great amount of input and constructive criticism, and as a result will be able to make a much more enjoyable experience. We plan on making another free build of the game at some point this year, ideally a multiplayer beta. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but thanks to the awesome fan base we have already gathered, I have no doubt it will be a ton of fun.

Thanks everybody and I’ll see you next week,


David’s Week:

This past week has been half about the demo, and the other half we’ve been easing off from the crunch we endured coming up to the demo release. I’ve been sorting out some organisational stuff with our code base. We have our own custom version of Unreal 4, which we now maintain alongside Epic’s version. That is we can transfer code between each code base, using epic’s code, and submitting our code to Epic to be included in the engine. It’s pretty cool. It’s something we wanted to do a while ago but didn’t want to risk delaying the demo.

With regards to the actual demo, We will be releasing a patch in the next week or so addressing some of the minor concerns people had in the demo. Things like making King longer and balancing some weapons, particularly the melee, as many people agreed it’s too powerful.

I’d expect for that to be out next week. Otherwise we’ll be pushing ahead to the next milestone and implementing all of the networking and multiplayer features which I’m sure you’d all like to play.

That was my week! How was yours?