Weekly Update: Big Changes Ahead

Note: As a result of being hacked we’ve lost some of our images. We are deeply sorry that you are unable to view the images in this post

Welcome to another Boxman Weekly Update,

Before we start, I know this isn’t really a legitimate weekly update, and we apologize. Both me and David have been insanely busy with our daily lives on top of Boxman development, and haven’t dedicated enough time to posting regular updates on the site.

We are going to try to make a stronger effort to posting, maybe not with weekly updates, but good updates with important and exciting news. The idea in my head is a dev blog probably once every 2 weeks or so. On top of that, we have made a Twitch.tv channel, and pretty soon we will start doing some live streaming. The idea is, you can see us putting in some work and also ask any questions you may have for us. We will keep you guys updated on that as time goes on, but for now lets move forward with the update.

As some of you may know, David and I have been struggling with Unreal Engine 3, namely Steam Integration. This was causing some issues with networking altogether, and for nearly 3 weeks halted development. We realized there was limited support for UE3 and that we had a very important decision to make. Do we 1: Cancel Boxman and begin working on a new project 2: Push through with UE3 with limited support and resources or 3: Begin developing the game in Unreal Engine 4. We quickly discarded option 1 as we wanted to stick to Boxman after putting in years of work. Then we had to decide what to do about the engine. After about a day of thinking, we settled on our answer; we are going to make Boxman Begins in Unreal Engine 4. Immediately after deciding on this, we fixed the issue in Unreal 3, but it didn’t matter anymore, Unreal 4 was quickly proving to be a superior engine.

The benefits of Unreal Engine 4 are incredible. It’s more visually appealing, effective, easy to concept games, and provides full source code access. Below is an example of the impressive real time visuals possible with UE4.


The downsides of course, are that it will take more time to develop, but all in all we will have a final end product much more polished than we could have come up with in UE3.

We know this may be a disappointment to some of you eager to play the game, but in our heads it is much better to release a great game late than a average game on time.

Thank you for sticking with us on our journey, and make sure you stay up to date by checking out our website, or twitter for updates.

Boxman Developers