Weekly Update: The HitBox demo is very nearly upon us

Hello all! I have something to say that I thought you might like to hear. The demo is ready. Finally.

It will release this Friday (in two days) and you’ll all finally get to play it. So what have we been doing this week?

Tyler’s week:

This last week has been a busy one. We have been focusing on polish and bug fixing more than ever. The last few days I spent lighting the map and adding a small portion to encourage fighting on the higher levels of the map. We’ve added a few particle systems, cleaned up UI and adjusted sounds and visuals. The code is nearly locked for the demo, so that means my tasks will turn more towards promotion rather than creation as the week progresses. I have started making a video to hype people up for the demo, and quickly let people who have never heard of HitBox¬†see what it is.
That is what I have for this week, I am excited for you all to play the demo on Friday!

David’s Week:

This past week has been extremely busy as we make the last final adjustments to the demo. It has very little content, but it is a demo. We’ve tried to make sure the content that exists is extremely well polished. There are very few bugs we’re aware of, and it’s reasonably well optimised. I’m quite pleased with what we have. It’s a lot of fun to play.

Here’s a picture taken from one of our two game modes in the demo:


In the spirit of HitBox, both game modes are unique and different, hopefully giving you some idea of what we want to create for the final game.

Anyway, I best get back to work, please come back on Friday for a free copy of the demo. We want you to play it and tell us what you think! There may also be some other surprises when you come back on Friday.