What’s going on with Boxman?

A lot has happened this last week!

Both me and David have been focusing on the Greenlight and advertising the game the last few weeks, but as of a few days ago, have begun to develop again!

We are also potentially adding another member to the team, and will be able to develop better quality at a faster pace, which is rather exciting.

Currently, me and David and working out the details of the leveling system and David is implementing it while I create the many models necessary for it to work. We are also working on cleaning up the user interface like the lobbies between matches, and the server browser so we can present a playable version of the game as soon as possible. (Potentially an alpha for you guys)

As always, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and we want you to know you are the reason we continue to develop this project.

We would love for you to comment and hear what you have to say, so please do!

Until next time,

Tyler and David
Boxman Developers