What’s new with Boxman?

Note: As a result of being hacked we’ve lost some of our images. We are deeply sorry that you are unable to view the images in this post

Hello everyone, it’s been a busy few months with everything, not just Boxman. Both me and David have university to attend on top of development which slows development down a bit. We are however powering through.

One of the biggest changes since we last updated the site is that we have officially been Greenlit on Steam! Thank you so much for everyone that voted and made our dreams come true. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to make this game. (and we would have nobody to play it with)

We recently put together a roadmap of what the next few weeks are going to look like for us, so we have a clear goal in sight. The most important things currently getting implemented are the leveling system and the objectives. Once those are in, we have to finish creating the UI and we will be shortly thereafter pushing out the early access of the game.

We are trying to have that done by this summer or so, available on Steam as an early access purchase (where you will get free updates and a discounted price). Boxman is perfect for early access as it is already a functioning game. We aren’t adding many more huge features, rather we are focusing on maps, models, modes, and fun game enhancements.

One we are particularly excited about is combat rolling. This feature will be used to evade enemies in the heat of battle with a risky but useful maneuver. We will be releasing a fun demo of that soon on our website.

Now to give you some visual updates! I have personally been working on a few maps, helmets, and of course the 16 class body armor sets. I won’t release pictures of those just yet, but I will post a few pictures of some helmets in game.

These are not final, but I really do like the look of them so far, and I’m excited to keep making more awesome gear for you guys. If you have any suggestions or ideas I would love to hear them.


Thanks for checking out this update, we are trying to make this a more regular occasion so you guys can stay up to date with what is new with development, and what lies ahead.

Of course if you have any questions please comment on this post, email us at contact@boxmanbegins.com or shoot us a tweet @BoxmanGame

Thanks again for being a part of Boxman Begins, and be sure to check the site for regular content and development updates!

Tyler and David
Boxman Developers